A-Motivational Books


Living Inspired (2018)

A missive and workbook focusing on how to overcome adversity by tapping into the things that inspire us most. Based on lessons learned upon his father’s death, Alex states that the most important aspect of being inspired is to then inspire others.


Wolfpack (2017)

Alex’s first fiction book depicts a group of friends in East Village San Diego facing life crises together. The question is posed: does adversity change us or reveal us?


See the Good (2016)

A stirring first-hand account of an important life theory: that we can find a minimum of two good things in every bad event or life adversity.


The Finish Line (2012)

Alex’s remarkable story of completing a marathon on a relay team as a triple amputee and prosthetics user, amid the backdrop of family loss, baseball season, and a colorful relay team.


Swinging for the Fences (2008)

The autobiographical tale of Alex’s journey from his native Medellin, Colombia to his experiences as an immigrant, Notre Dame student, Olympic Torch carrier, and disability rights activist in America.

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